Can I change my domain?

If you mapped a domain you already own:

Simply type in the domain you'd like in the box found under your domain settings and click "Save."

Then, update your registrar's DNS settings for your new domain so the values match what you see on this screen.

If the domain you're switching to is a Godaddy domain, we've made it super simple for you! After typing in your new domain and clicking "Save" you'll see an option to connect your domain in your DNS settings. Click that button and all the tricky work is done for you!

If you bought the domain from us:

When you upgraded, if you chose a domain from our list, it's not possible to change domains. 

The only exception is if you also own a domain from a different registrar. 
(If this is the case, send us a message with your about. me  link and the domain you bought from a different registrar with "switch to  byod " in the subject line.)

If you'd still like a different domain for your page, you can either:

  1. Create a new page and purchase the Pro subscription, which comes with a new .me domain.


  2. Purchase a new domain from a hosting site like or and map the new domain to your existing page.

Please keep in mind, refunds are only valid within 3 days after your upgrade, as per our refund policy.

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