How to configure your domain - Bluehost

To configure your domain to, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Bluehost Control Panel
  2. Click the Domains tab
  3. Click “Zone Editor”
  4. Select the domain you’d like to configure
    *Note: skip this step if you are configuring a subdomain.
  5. Enter @ in the Host Record field like the example below
  6. Leave the “Type” field set to A
  7. Copy and paste into the “Points to” field
  8. Click the “Add Record” button
  9. Create a CNAME record
  10. Add “www” into the Host Record field
  11. Change the “Type” field to “CNAME”
  12. Set “Points To” to “”
    *Note: For mapping a subdomain, replace 'www' with your subdomain.
  13. Click “Add Record”

**Note that you won't see the effect immediately. Domain changes may take up to 24hrs to complete.

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