Connecting your Hover domain

Already own a domain through Hover? 

Great! With Pro, you can bring your Hover domain to and connect it to your page in just 5 simple steps.

Step 1

Log in to your Hover account at If you're already logged in, simply click on "YOUR ACCOUNT" in the upper right corner and click on "DOMAINS."  

Step 2

Next  to your domain, you'll see a list of words related to your domain. Click on "DNS." 

Step 3

In your DNS settings, you'll see several records already there. Here's where things can get a little bit tricky, so follow along with the example below and make sure all of your values match what you see in the recording.

A. Delete the first A Record with * under "Host."

B. For the second A Record with @ under "Host," click "EDIT" on the right and copy & paste under "IP ADDRESS."  (Copy and paste that number just as it is -- be sure there are no extra periods  at  the end). 

C. Click the "ADD A RECORD" button directly under your domain. Change the "Type" to "C NAME," type "www" for the Host Name and type in your Hover domain for the "Target Name." -- double check your spelling! 

How your Host Records should look 👇 but with your domain in the CNAME Record Value -- is mine 😉

If you see an MX record like in the recording above, you probably signed up for email as well. Just make sure you don't see any other A Records or CNAME Records!

Step 4

Head back to your page to check to make sure everything's connected properly.

Step 5

You're all set to go! Go to your new domain and check out how beautiful your new page is 😎If it's not working yet, go eat a delicious sandwich, take a walk, pet your dog, and then come back 😉 Just a reminder that your domain may take up to 48 hours to fully connect.

If you still have a few questions about your domain management or DNS settings,  check out Hover's help article on editing their domain settings.