Connecting your 1&1 domain

Already own a domain through 1&1? 

Great! With Pro, you can bring your 1&1 domain to and connect it to your page in just 5 simple steps.

Step 1

Log in to your 1&1 account at If you're already logged in, simply click the "Use Your Domain" button in the "Use Your Domain" box front and center.

Step 2

Choose the 2nd option, "DNS" to get to your DNS settings.

Step 3

In your DNS settings, you'll see quite a few entries! Don't worry, you can delete most of them, unless you're setting up email as well. If you're setting up email at your domain, keep the MX Records. This is where things can get a little bit tricky, so follow along with the example below and make sure all of your values match what you see in the recording.

A. To keep things simple, delete all the A, AAA and CNAME Records, except for the A Record under "Type" that has @ as the "Host Name." 

B. Click the gear under "Actions" on the right for the A Record with @ as the "Host Name." Click "Edit Record." Then, copy and paste in the "Value" box and click "Save."  (Copy and paste that number just as it is -- be sure there are no extra periods  at   the end). 

C. Click the blue "Add record" button above your records and choose "CNAME." Type in "www" in the "Host Name" box and your 1&1 domain in the "Points to" box and click "Save." -- double check your spelling! 

(Pay particularly close attention to the CNAME and A Records -- there should be no other IP addresses or A records in this view)

How your Host Records should look 👇 but with your domain in the CNAME Record Value -- is mine 😉

Step 4

Head back to  your page to check to make sure everything's connected properly.

Step 5

You're all set to go! Go to your new domain and check out how beautiful your new page is 😎If it's not working yet, go eat a delicious sandwich, take a walk, pet your dog, and then come back 😉 Just a reminder that your domain may take up to 48 hours to fully connect.

If you still have a few questions about your domain management or DNS settings,   check out 1&1's help article on editing their domain settings.