How to choose the right Spotlight Button

With so many choices, how do you choose just one goal?

To keep things super simple, we've pre-populated the most common and effective Spotlight Buttons to choose from. 

If your goal is to get people to learn more about what you do and  your  about. me  page was your quick, easy-to-read and understand interest builder, then you'd want to choose a Spotlight that allows you to add a link --  maybe  the "visit my website" Spotlight.

Do you just want people to be able to contact you after viewing your page  like  a digital business card? You'll want one of the variations of the "get in touch" Spotlight.

If you're booking clients and want to simplify your scheduling, the best Spotlight for you is going to be one of the calendar Spotlights -- like the "book an appointment" Spotlight. This one connects with your Google Calendar to automate your calendar event creation.

Do you create content you'd like to share and need to build an email list? Your best bet is the lead capture Spotlight Button -- a variation of the "sign up for my newsletter" Spotlight that actually builds a list of emails for you.

Ultimately, your Spotlight Button should reflect what your primary goal is at any given moment. Think about it this way -- what would make you look back in a year and think "Wow, yeah! Having  my  about. me  page was so worth it 😍"  It can change with your goals in just a few clicks, so let your page evolve as you do.

Update your Spotlight Button now!