I don't know what to link to in my Spotlight Button.

What should you link to in your Spotlight Button?

If your goal is to get people to learn more about what you do and  your  about. me  page was your quick, easy-to-read and understand interest-builder, then you'd want to choose a Spotlight that allows you to add a link --  maybe  the "visit my website" Spotlight.

Are you a Writer? Show off your writing style and let people get lost in your musings with the "read my blog" Spotlight, linking to your Medium account, or your Wordpress blog.

Do you have listings for your Real Estate business? Use  your  about.me page as your personal introduction to new potential buyers/sellers and link out to your full listings page with the "view my listings" Spotlight Button.

If your goal as an Artist or Designer is to show off your robust portfolio, link to your  dribbble  profile or  instagram  account with the "view my portfolio" Spotlight.

Small Business Owners, Consultants and  Freelancers! A great way to reinforce credibility and land new clients is actually not a link. Most successful business begins with a conversation, and that can be done best with one of the contact Spotlight Buttons. 

Update your Spotlight Button now!

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