How does handle my privacy?

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Your privacy is extremely important to us! When you signed up with, you trusted us to protect your personal data and we respect that. We’ve made our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy easier to read so you know exactly what you’re opting in to.

How do I change which emails I’ve opted into?

You have complete control over when we contact you. If you’d like to unsubscribe from any of our emails (we have a couple of different types, so be sure to choose which you’d prefer), you can set your preferences at any time.

How do I change my account or page data?

From the moment you create an page, you’ll always have full control of your data. You can access, edit, or delete your data at any time.

If you lost access to your account because of a forgotten password or email address, please reach out to Someone from our team will get back to you within 30 days to help you out.

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