What data does about.me collect and how is it used?

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We collect three types of data:

  1. Data from when you sign up - As you go through the process of creating an about.me page, you’ll see that we ask you for information including your occupation, location, photo, bio, work, and education. This data is used, with your approval, to auto-populate content for your page so that building your online presence is as simple as possible.

  2. Information from third-party sources - Occasionally, we will use data from third-party sources to power certain features. An example of this is the scheduling feature included in about.me Pro. We’ll use your location to automatically show the correct time zone for both you and your page visitor so your availability is accurate. 

  3. Data from about.me pages and features you use - We also collect data on actions you take on our site, to improve your experience as you continue to use about.me.

    For example, one of our Pro features includes choosing a custom domain for your page so your about.me page will display as yourname.me. To make it simple for you to choose a domain for your page, we use personal data you shared, like your first and last name, to pull up a list of options that would be most relevant for you.

For full details on how about.me uses your data, check out our Privacy Policy

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