Can I change my domain?

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When you upgraded to Pro, there were two options for choosing a domain. You can either choose a new one from our list or map a domain you already own. The ability to change your domain depends on which of those two options you chose

If you chose a domain from our list

It is not possible to change your domain on your current subscription. If you're really not happy with the domain and you really want to change it, the best option is to delete the page and upgrade again with a new domain you'd be happier with. Keep in mind, that this does not qualify you for a refund. Any payments made are final and cannot be transferred to another account. 

If you mapped a domain you already own

You're in luck! You can easily change the domain that points to your page to any other domain you own. If you don't already own one you want, simply hop over to a domain registrar like, buy the domain you want, and map it over to your page.

To make this change:

1. Click here: domain settings

2. Type in a different domain you own that you'd like to point to your page and click "Save."


Then, update your registrar's DNS settings for your new domain so the values match what you see on this screen.

If the domain you're switching to is a Godaddy domain, we've made it super simple for you! After typing in your new domain and clicking "Save" you'll see an option to connect your domain in your DNS settings. Click that button and all the tricky work is done for you.

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