How do I get my URL to show up on Google?

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Although we cannot control the information that appears on Google or other search engines, see the steps below that you can take to increase the chance that your page or your domain appears consistently in search engine rankings.

1. Link to your page from social sites

Updating all of your social profiles to link to your page or domain notifies the search engines that your page or domain is the primary page you want to appear in their results. This is the most valuable step you can take to help your site appear in search results. We have added instructions about how to do this for each social site that you may have here:

Also, make sure to update any other sites that link to your website, for example, your blog, your current company's website, or your school's website.

Finally, consistently sharing your page is another signal that your page is active and that search engines should send traffic to it. You can share your page by following the steps here weekly or monthly.

2. Update tags on your page

Add a Google Analytics tag to track the visits to your site, and update the title and meta description tags as described in this article.

3. Write 2-3 paragraphs in your bio

Writing a significant amount of content on your page notifies the search engines that your page or domain is unique and real and that it should rank in their search results. We recommend writing 2-3 paragraphs (approximately 100-150 words) of unique content.

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