Help mapping your DreamHost domain

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Already own a domain through Dreamhost? 

With Pro, you can map a domain you already own to your page.

First, go to the DNS settings page of your domain provider.

Then, create the following records:

  1. Create an A record: type @ for "Host" and paste under "Value" or "Points to"
  2. CNAME record: type www for "Host" and paste under "Value" or "Points to"

    * Make sure you don't have any other A Records or CNAME Records listed. If you do, you'll want to delete them.

Be sure that your Nameservers are set to default. If you see custom here, click to change the selection to default.

If any of these fields don't match what you see in your domain registrar's DNS settings, please contact your registrar's support team for help. 

Every registrar has a slightly different setup, so their team will be able to help you get set up. If they ask for the IP address, you'll want to share with them.

Please keep in mind that your domain may take up to 48 hours to process.

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