Can I change the language on my page?

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Customizable text

(i.e. OccupationBio)

All customizable text on your page can be changed to whichever language you prefer - just make sure your browser settings are set to that language. 

For Occupation, simply type your title in your language and hit enter (even if you don't see it in a pre-selectable bubble).

Non-customizable text

(i.e. Spotlight Button text, 'in' between your Occupation and Location, 'Work' and 'Education' section titles)

It's not currently possible to change the language of text that is included with the templates. 


If your location is showing up in a different language, it's probably because you had your browser language set to be in that language. 

Here's a helpful article on how to change your browser language for Chrome: Changing your Chrome browser language.

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