My scheduling and newsletter Spotlights aren't working correctly

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If you run into one of the following issues:

  • You've activated your Professional Scheduling Spotlight, but your visitors get an error and cannot view the days/times you're available.
  • You've activated your lead Professional lead generation Spotlight, but your visitors cannot view the email entry form.
  • When you click on "Check your email, View your appointments, or Google Calendar" from your edit panel, you see an error message on Google's admin pages.

Try the following troubleshooting steps:

Log out of all other G Suite accounts - if you have a email address, log out and close Gmail. If you have other G Suite accounts (for example, for your job or for an organization), log out and close them in your browser.

Then, log back into your account or view your page and authenticate with your Professional G Suite login details, and you should have access to all G Suite features smoothly.

Being logged into multiple Google (or G Suite) accounts can cause conflicts and errors to appear even though there is nothing broken in any of your accounts.

For calendar-specific issues, please follow Google's steps in this article:


If you're still seeing issues with your page, please contact us at

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